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I recently got a 500gb sata caviar green from bestbuy and installed using reg format not quick and everything was fine until a few days ago it started operating very slowly. Avi files running choppy and taking long time to load into wmp ,taking long time to even just display contents of a folder. Thinking I had a bad drive I exchanged for new same model. Went to format and did reg format but stopped it after 5 hours and only 6%. Restarted and did quick format. Now drive is seen in my computer but still having same issues. 2 bad drives? I don't think so b ut that's why I'm here. Thx very much for any insight.

Athlon II X2 3ghz
2gb ram

Other drivers on same pc working fine btw
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  1. Try Everest


    Then let us know how much you learn from this. Actually your story contains no detail about everything. Mobo model, memory detail, exact model number of the HDD, Window 7 on what HDD and detail of the drive? how did you partition and format them? You have antivirus installed?

    My 1st guess is either your mobo or window7 has a problem.

    You are not gonna get a good help from information you did provide. So try again.
  2. Wd green drives are 5400 rpm if not mistaken. You should get a black wd hard drive operating at 7200. It sounds to me like your having a issue with your mobo for some reason.
  3. May sound obvious, but are you certain you have correct the SATA drivers installed? I had noticed my 1TB WD Black drive was crawling slow a few weeks ago, and after some quick trouble shooting had discovered for some reason the SATA drivers had defaulted back to a standard windows driver. My transfer rates were 15mps tops in HDD tune. A quick reinstall of the correct drivers jumped them back to an average of about 98mps.
    However, the green drives are made to save energy, and are not as fast as the black and blue drives. If you get a couple of apps running at the same time, like anitvirus, defrag, system restore backing up or the like, it will really slow things down to a crawl on a green drive.
  4. Sorry for the lack of info on my system. Heres what I have.

    Gigabyte M68M-S2
    AMD Athlon II X2 250
    Drive #1 - Maxtor 91741U4 (16 GB) Running Windows 7 Ultimate
    Drive #2 - WDC WD5000AVDS-63U7B (465 GB) <--drive with problems
    Drive #3 - WD 5000BEV External (465 GB)
    RAM 2gb DDR2

    I don't have anitvirus installed at the moment but have run vipre by sunbelt in the past few weeks but uninstalled.
    The way installed these driver was through disk managment and I didn't partition the WD sata drive. I just formatted in disk management. This is how I installed the first drive too and it worked great for a while but then started actiing slow, very slow.
    I d/led everest but I'm not really sure what to do with it. I also d/ed Data life guard from WD and did some diagnostic tests and it says it passed but still acting slow. If I forgot something please let me know. It almost seems like I need to format or something.
  5. Here is what I would do.

    1. Update the mobo bios to the latest. If you've never done the bios update before, do it with caution. Any mistake would brick your mobo.

    2. To easily check your HDD, simply test it with another system.

    3. Importance! Operating Systems (Windows7) should be installed in the best perforamnce HDD. You installed OS in an outdated HDD. 17 GB is the minimum requirement for win7, moreover PATA 66 is very slow. Your system suffers (very much) from the Maxtor HDD.

    4. Install antivirus software, I bet that there are several virus sitting in every HDD and infect several file you have work on, even in your CD, DVD backup.

    I pretty doubt that your mobo hdd controller (SATA) is defective. But you can confirm this by update the mobo bios, get a new HDD for Win7, and install antivirus. Give me an update for what you have done. Good luck.
  6. Fixed!!

    i bought a seagate and it works great. what did i learn? don't buy wd green.. thx to all who helped!
  7. I'm facing the same problem with a WD Green 1TB.
    So far i have updated my mobo, checked the HD, found nothing.
    Seems like those disk are just bollocks
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