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I have a Compaq Presario C700 laptop computer with a Connexant sound card. From everything I've found online, the Connexant sound cards to not allow live microphone input monitoring (hearing what you're recording as you record it) and I have found no solutions to the problem (such as driver tweaks or registry fixes.)

What I'm looking for now is a USB audio solution for my problem. Does anyone know of any USB audio adapters that allow live input monitoring when a built-in sound card does not?
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    "Re: Internal recording in G60 laptop w/ Conexant SmartAudio 221


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    I too had a problem with internal recording with my HP G60230US laptop. It had to do with that piece of junk known as the Conexant 221 sound card. I called Conexant, HP, and anyone else I could contact until I finally discovered it would not perform internal recording.

    Creative Sound Blaster has a USB sound card called SB X-Fi Go. It plugs in to the USB port and comes with control panels and internal recording mixers. It bypasses the Conexant sound card and allows for internal recording. It costs between $20 refurbished or $40-50 new. It works and is well worth the price. The sound of recording is fully adequate for most applications."

    Best I could do.
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