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Hello, I have a 2GB San Disk microSD card that i just bought with a samsung omnia 652. However I am unable to write anything on this card from the cell pone or through the PC. I have tried formatting the card but I get the message, "unable to format card". The card folder settings are set to read only and even after changing them, they revert back to read only automatically. I have tried detaching the card from the cell phone and attaching to a card reader in the PC. Still same problem, after saving something on the card and i put the card back in the cell phone there is nothing on it or even when i just put it back in the reader, its empty. What could be the problem? Is it a bad card?
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  1. MicroSD or MicroSDHC?? I doubt you JUST bought a MicroSD unless you specifically needed this older, slower format, for an older deivice OR just didn't know what you were buying.

    I've found some older devices like digital camera's won't work the SDHC cards, only SD cards. I've also found that some older readers/adaptors won't recognize SDHC cards, only SD cards.

    For instance my camera will not recognize a SDHC but only SD. My card reader will not read SDHC cards either, only the SD cards. So I have to get a newer reader that reads SDHC.

    Soooo...if your phone only works with MicroSD cards and you bout a MicroSDHC card, that could be the problem.

    I would also imagine, like the larger SD or SDHC cards (not micro) that there is some kind of lock to keep the data from being overwritten or erased? If you cannot figure out how to unlock the card I would contact tech support for warranty.
  2. First of thank you for the reply. I rechecked if it a microSD or microSDHC and yes it is microSD 2GB card from SanDisk. As for the lock, yes there is a write protect lock on the microSD adapter. I did not buy this card, it came free with the phone. AS you can see, I mentioned the model Samsung omnia 652 with windows mobile 6.5 OS. Its not that the PC and the cell are not recognizing the card. They recognize it, show the capacity and actually also let you save stuff on it. But when you get out of the card and access it back either on the cell or on the PC, its empty, there is nothing on it. Basically the contents of the drive cannot be changed.
  3. Ok you can take pictures and stuff on the phone, but when you view it on pc there is nothing there??

    Are you sure the phone is not saving the pics to it's internal memory and not the sd card?

    This must be an older phone if it only uses sd format and not sdhc.
  4. Well here is website link so that you can check the specs seems like the card is bad Because I just tried the card in another phone and its having communication problems. So seems like the card is corrupted. Thank you for taking time and replying to the question and seems like I will be buying a new card.
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