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Hoping to get some advice re: memory timings. I am using the same settings as I was in Vista x64 sp3. Overclocked CPU (stats below) which was stable (1 hour Prime 95 small FFTs, OCCT, too) but now that I am running Windows 7 x64 Pro (clean install), I am getting occasional BSODs pretty much only when I'm folding (using an SMP client inside VMPlayer running a Linux kernal). The crash dumps Windbg can only attribute to the infamous ATIKMDAG (i.e. could be anything from power supply, memory, vga driver, and about a half a dozen other things).

So I would like to find out about my RAM timings, because I have never been sure if their settings are correct or not, I just know the system has otherwise been stable. The other issue I am considering tweaking is my CPU/NB frequency, which is at 2310 -- it's probably fine when my system is running in High Performance state, but when I'm not folding, PhenomMsrTweaker drops the multiplier down to 11.5 and 6.5, at which point that NB might be too high and I had read it could possibly even damage the system.

I know there could be many reasons for the instability, but the current memory timings were my own attempt, and I tested them to be stable, but I would really like to get some expert advice, and also be confident that the timings are the right balance between playing well with the overclocked CPU & CPU/NB, and being safe for the RAM modules, which i'd like to have last at least another year or two.

So here I am to ask the experts what, if anything, I should change. I think from what I've read this morning I have found out that I should up the RAM voltage in BIOS to 2, or 2.1 (currently it's upped to 1.95).

Phenom X4 940 BE, Core Speed 3675.1 MHz
Multiplier x FSB 17.5 x 210.0 MHz
HT Link 1890.1 MHz
Northbridge 2310.1 MHz

RAM Settings:
Dual, (Unganged)
Memory Frequency 420.0 MHz (1:2)
5-5-5-15, tRC=25 and Command Rate 2T

What changes, if any, would you guys recommend, and then, how many Memtest passes would I need to give it a thumbs up?

Thank you very much!
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  1. Well no one seems to be responding so the ATIKMDAG is a video file from ati, whether its from Catayst or just the drivers section right. Actually the ATI kernel mode driver.
    Also as far as I know ram manufacturers specify a specific voltage such as 2, not 2 or 2.1. The specifactions are also based on no more than 2 chips as there is no certification for more until the release of the AMD PII 965 125w chip came out.
    I know there are variations with each chip, from what I've read on some motheboards you're at the limit with that chip, with others not. The ram overclock is very light so doubt any issue there unless voltage is below what it's suppose to be.
    Just a place to start, good luck. What does cpu-z say the EPP profiles for the ram are that should give the correct voltage. There's just not enough info with ocz ddr2 6400 need the model number.
  2. What version of AMD's drivers are you using? Recently they've been releasing new versions every week or two. Keeping up with the drivers has improved stability issues I was having in Windows 7 x64. The just released version 9.11 yesterday:
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