Is dual core still better for gaming?

Now that many games are coming out as multicore ready, is it still better to get a dual core or do you think its about time to start using a quad core? and im talking like the quad core 2.66ghz vs the c2d 3.06ghz which one do you think would perform better? I gota 8800gtx 512mb the g92 one, so am i in no way really up to date with my stuff lol.

Also... what is the biggest differance for cache? say the e7600 has a 3mb shared cache but the e8400 has a 6mb shared cache... is this a pretty big differance for gaming? is it worth the extra 40 bucks?

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  1. 6MB compared to 3MB will probably give you around a 10% increase (in some games) in performance, and the E8400 is a beast of an OCer, but so is the E7600. It'd be worth it for $40 to me but to some people not so much.

    As far as quads and duals go. With how things look today a Quad is not so worth it when gaming (VERY FEW games utilize more than 2 cores), but for future proofing reasons (more games are coming out that will be quad optimized, and the CPU can last you a few years) I would go with a Quad.

    Just make sure your mobo supports it. Also if you are purchasing a motherboard (775 socket) with this CPU, HOLD OUT. New intel i5 series is releasing very very soon and is going to change the CPU market quite a bit IMO.
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