Cpu temperatures confusion - some questions

the cores of my q9550 are reporting 39c idle on real temp. in everest ultimate there are 4 cpu core icons monitoring in the taskbar , and there is also an icon " cpu temperature" all by itself, which reports temp of 33c.

Which of these is the " actual " cpu temp i should be worrying about? Because the core temps are much higher than the cpu temp, and when i do something like playing a game or rendering I get a little worried because the temps go ~ 60 c .

Also i have set the bios to warn me when the cpu reaches 60c , but I never noticed a warning of any kind when my core temps went beyond 60 c.

Can anyone help me pls.
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  1. the cpu temp is the 33*, the cores are always a little hotter than the cpu, 60*is a little hot, but not really enough to worry about
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