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I turned on my computer this morning and heard ONE long beep followed by THREE short beeps, the monitor didn't turn on (I did some research about AMI BIOS beeps and found out that the beeps I'm experiencing are pointing to video adapters). After about 5 seconds, the computer rebooted itself, the monitor turned on and then it started up normally. The beeping and rebooting would happen every time I turn on my computer. I removed and reinstalled the video card but the beeping still persisted and the weird thing is but fortunately, after the series of beeping stops, the computer still boots up to windows with no problems whatsoever :lol: . So guys, what do you think I should do? Yeah the computer still boots but should I be worried?

Thank you! :D
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  1. lol you made serval threads :D that aside

    have you treid another vidoe card yet? or a different powersupply, it could be that the card isnt getting enough power, normally when that happens it just sits there.
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