P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe CPU replacement

So my comp died today and I'm pretty sure my CPU is fried so it's time for a replacement. I was hoping to get an E7xxx or E8xxx, but from all the info I've been able to gather I can only replace it with another 65nm CPU. Is anyone out there running a 45nm CPU in the P5N32 (nForce4) board or have conclusive evidence that I can run a 45nm CPU in my board? Otherwise, what's the best 65nm LGA775 CPU?
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  1. The last BIOS update for your board was 901 on 1/10/08 and lists cpus supported here:


    Apparently, very few dual cores are supported.

    Curious, how did you diagnose a fried cpu? That's usually a tricky conclusion to come to.
  2. I know I updated the BIOS to 901. It's ashame the board is such a POS. I was so pleased with it when I got it lol. As far as diagnosing it I've got this other thread which I ran down my diagnosis and got some sweet pics of why I think it's fried at http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/265900-28-boot-suddenly I also realized today that there WAS an electrical storm last night and my comp is connected to a junky surge protector and the outlet it was plugged into is UNgrounded. So I'm thinkin' if I'm lucky it's only my CPU. I'm hoping my friend will let me play musical components with his comp so I can cement my conclusion.
  3. Really, it's very unlikely to be the CPU. The "burn mark" you refer to could simply be oxidation where there was a gap in the thermal paste, or finger-grease from when it was installed; Intel CPUs have over-temperature protection built in.

    Most likely: PSU or loose connections. Second most likely: motherboard.

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