My Pc not starting up. Hard disk failure?

I'm from India. I've been facing some troubles with my HDD for quiet some time now :(.
My specs:
Phenom II x4 920
Gigabyte ga ma-785gm us2h
2 gb ddr 2 - 800 mhz
Seagate 7200.12 500 GB
ATi 4770

I use my PC mainly for gaming and i game for almost 6-7 hours continuously without any rests. And i plays only after weekends. So, week days, the computer just takes rest.
And then next weekend, when i turn on my pc, it shows AMD scanning drives..... (so many dots appears)...
Sometimes, it shows my HDD, else it shows Disk Boot Failure, insert blah blah......
And even if the HDD gets detected, it shows Disk boot failure.... :(

So, i took it to the shop. But the funny part is, after connecting all the wires, when they turned on the system, it turned on the very moment. No time was wasted. So, i became the Fool there :( :'(. :fou: :cry:

And they took it under them for almost 2 days. And they didn't face any problems at all....
They stated that it might be the problem of HDD temperature rise. So, i took back my pc, came home.
Gamed again for almost 6 hours, turned it off.
And this weekend, while in the middle of the game, it just froze after playing for almost half an hour. (was playing MoH).
Now, it gives me the same error again. :(.

What to do? Any ideas guys?? ???
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  1. How good is the ventilation in your case? Find a utility that will show CPU temp, motherboard temp or video card temp. That will help.
  2. Well, during gaming, my processor heats close to 60*c and my gpu close to 70*c....
    Haven't checked the temps in my case..... :(

    Is that enough bro? Is it ok?
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    It really depends on where that hot air from those hot items is going. Does it get vented quickly outside of the case, or not? Is there good airflow into the PC from outside that is cool air?

    Look at it this way. If the proc is 60 degrees, it is actually generating hotter air than that but that heat is pulled away by the heat sink/fan. If it is still in the case, you could be looking at a lot of heat for the HD. Is the HD towards the top of the case where the hot air is?

    I'd try, in your house, run the computer without games (just let it idle) for 6-7 hours and see what happens.

    Do you have good power - not a lot of dips/surges/brownouts? That can also cause problems. A cheap battery backup system can really help your PC last longer, too.
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