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I overclocked my 2500k to 4.5 and had a few questions. I followed this guide for the gigabyte mobo.

I was wondering why in cpuz my core voltage only reads 1.068. I changed the voltage manually to 1.245 It dosnt seem to mater what I overclock it to the core voltage remains the same under cpuz.

Another question is before I overclocked it and when the cpu is idle the core speed drops down to 1600 then under load it raised back up to stock clocks. After I overclocked it it dosent do this anymore. I'm thinking it was something I disabled in the bios but I'm not sure what. I thought that was something like intel speedstep but I didnt see anything like that in the bios.

So is the core voltage being 1.068 an issue? Do I need to change something to make the core speed drop back down at idle?

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  1. That guide has you disabling all of the CPU's power-saving features, so that's why it no longer goes down to 1.6Ghz when idle.

    To reset it:
    CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E): Enabled
    C3/C6 State Support: Enabled
    CPU Thermal Monitor: Enabled
    CPU EIST Function: Enabled

    Note that your overclock might not be as stable with these settings Enabled.

    You may want to check to see if there is a new BIOS update for your board, as that voltage behavior isn't normal. It should increase and decrease based on what you set in the BIOS.

    Recommended stability tests:
    24 hours of Prime95 on "Blend" setting.
  2. I look on gigabytes web site and the only bios downloads were f2 and f3. Under cpuz it shows my dios f3b. Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like my bios is up to date. You got me worried now on the voltage behavior. Anymore suggestions?
  3. I found this post on
    and it seems that cpuz is not reading the b3 boards correctly. If this is true then I should be ok. What do you think?
  4. As long as you can run Prime95 on Blend for 24 hours without errors, you should be fine no matter what CPU-Z says.
  5. I got a bsod running it in prime around the four hour mark.
  6. Try using 'Offset' for your vcore. That seems to work better on some boards, i.e +0.050, 0.075 etc
  7. The only thing I had to change for the memory was the frequency from 1300 to 1600. The clock speed and voltage all matched my memory. System booted fine. I'll run memtest later on tonight when my wife will leave me alone. :wahoo:

    When I try to overclock it again I think I will go for 4.4 ghz. I'll post my results after I run prime.
  8. I love Asus's UEFI bios!
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