Whats the advantage?

I am doing an upgrade

Old set up
Quad core Q6600 Stock 2.4
Intel DG33TL Mainboard
4Gb Ram DDR2 800
500Gb main OS hard drive dual boot Windows Vista/Windows 7
2X 500
1X 320
8800GT Alphadog edition XFX 670 Core

This computer is used for watching TV Shows downloading from usenet listening to music and video games at a max resolution of 1680X1050
Games I play Far Cry 2, Fear 2, Bioshock ,Guild wars, Fallout 3, Mainly FPS some RPG looking forewars to Starcraft 2 Red Faction Guerrilla, some good games all around
I Also play HD Video Up to 1080P

Upgrades i am doing
Core 17 920 D0 stepping NO OC
Intel DX58S0 Mainboard
3 or 6 GB DDR3 Tripple Channel
500 Gb Main HD Dual boot from Vista to 7
Aux Drives
2X 500
1X 320
8800GT alphadog edition XFX 670 Core

Basically i am just doing mainboard and CPU Upgrade but a hefty one i think now

here is the question and thank you in advance for any help i get

If i choose a 64 Bit over the 32 Bit what are the advantages/disadvantages?
If i do the 32 bit over the 64 bit there is a CMD line that will show i know up to atleast 6GB in a 32 bit Vista but can windows or programs use it with that line inserted?
(BCDEdit /set PAE forceenable)
Will i see more or less than 10% boost in performance? either way

The other upgrade i might do in the soon feature is the video card upgrading to a XFX 275GTX
I will keep the 8800GT in the computer as a dedicated Physics GPU
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  1. There is no reason not to go to a 64 bit OS.
  2. A 64 bit OS can essentially use (actually put to work) more than 3 GB of RAM. A 32 bit OS can only recognize around 3 gigs (I think it's closer to 3.2), and therefore runs as if it only has 3 GB of RAM, even if you have 20 gigs. At this point in time I agree with baddad, there is no reason to not get a 64 bit OS.
  3. For what you intend to do I would not spend the money on a upgrade to i7.
  4. I went to an event for the intel retail edge and i Won the motherboard and CPU combo it's at this moment sitting on my couch in the living room and all i really need to buy is the Ram
  5. ^In that case I don't see why you shouldn't go with 6GB DDR3 1600 and do a new build. It's ~$90-150 for a good kit of 3*2GB DDR3.
  6. The Corsair Dominator line with memory module cooler
    are great, and the fan is extra insurance of reliability
    and stability, especially if you decide to overclock:




    Newegg has lots of 6GB Corsair triple-channel kits:


  7. Some people have all the luck. :)
  8. p.s. With Windows XP/Pro 32-bit, you can utilize unmanaged Windows memory
    with RamDisk Plus from www.superspeed.com :


    Such a ramdisk is a good place to host your browser cache(s),
    and possibly also the Windows swap file "pagefile.sys".

  9. Thanks Guys i decided to go with 6GB just under 100Bux thanks for all your help

    Now another question off the same post

    running games at 1680X1050 is going from an 8800GT Alphadog XFX----->275GTX Worth it?
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