Should I oc? If so...How do I oc. Asus hd6870 dc

I have an Asus HD6870 DC so its a little overclocked. Now I know nothing about overclocking. I know that I could oc it with that comes with the card. First, should I try to oc it? Is it worth it. I will be playing WoW mostly and in the near future StarcraftII. I dont know if I it will be worth oc. If It is...How do I do it? should I use the software? Please know that I dont know much about this stuff...I am trying to learn. Thanks.
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    I change the clock settings on my 5870 cards directly in the Catalyst Control Center. It can be done in the Overdrive section. There is a test button that will allow you to test clock speeds for stability before you make them active in the Overdrive section.

    You may only get 10Mhz to 50Mhz more out of the core clock and maybe 50Mhz more out of the memory clock. Step up slowly maybe 10Mhz to 20Mhz at a time.

    Overclocking isn't nessary for the games you are playing. It doesn't hurt to experiment a little. If you want slightly better frame rates without spending any money overclocking is a good way to get it. Good Luck.
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