SSD in RAID0... Trim vs. GC performance?

Hi all,

I'm looking at getting a Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 mainboard, and want to get an SSD for the O/S. I'm considering RAID0'ing two 60GB Vertex 2's in favour of one single 120GB Vertex2. However, it appears that Intel's RAID controllers don't support TRIM... So my question is, what it the performance impact of no TRIM on 2 x 60GB in RAID0? Is the GC good enough? Would I start to see a lot of detrimental write-amplification compared to a single TRIM'd Vertex2?

Would like to get as much input as possible!

Kind regards,

Andrew Plank
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  1. Recommend skipping Raid 0 and just buying the larger drive and using nonraid.

    (1) With Raid0 you lose trim
    (2) Vertex-2 (w/SF controller) works best with Intel ahci driver (not available when SSD is a member drive of a raid setup).
    (3) Raid0 improves sequencial read/writes, but Does very little to improve 4K random read/writes and access time. Thereforefore does little to improve boot time and program loads. Raid0 will help considerably for working with large sequencial files such as .VOB (DVD movie files - 1 Gig in size, Blu-ray movie files - up to 40 gigs in size, and large spread system files - NOT normally placed on a small SSD.

    Drawbacks out weigh advantages. [...] ,2800.html
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