HD4670 vs. 8800GT Alpha Dog

Good day all!!!!

I would like to ask the THG community once again... :D

I have been contemplating on a Graphics Card upgrade for the past 2 months... With the recession and all... It has been harder and harder to make a decision.... Anyways, here is my query


-----> Which one would be a better deal as I saw the 8800 on sale for $95 in a Compumart in my area (I think it is a clearance sale...) and I was looking at the 4670OC as well, which goes for $85. Im more on "future proofing" (ON A BUDGET) my computer than of raw performance...if that makes any sense.... :D Anyway could some please give me some sound advise on which card I should get.

I would like to thank you all in advance!

More power!

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  1. The 8800 is faster:


    The Radeon has better HD playback/decode.
    Please put your specs in your config, it saves you having to answer and me having to ask: But what are the rest of your specs?
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