Problem with homebuilt

I bought a
amd 5600+
9500gt 512mb
xfx 730a mobo
bfg 450w psu and 4 gigs ddr2 800mhz

i went out and bought a
asus m3a78-T motherboard with 4gig ddr2 1066
and a xfx gts 250 512mb

I am not getting the best out of this build and i was wondering if it is my cpu

Sorry i am only 13 and dont know very much
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  1. How do you know if you are not getting the best out of your new system?
  2. i cant run a bot on counter strike, just 1 without a glitch
  3. gets very glithcy and jumpy when playing world at war at maximum and low at the same point in the game
  4. you say you cant run a bot that means its the game

    i can run max allowed bots on css (i think its 20) and my fps will go from 180ish (1680x1050) to high 55's low 65 when all bots show up on my screen and they will start chasing me around office with knives (restrict lol)
  5. it lets me run bots but when i do it goes from 189fps on 1440-900 to 5 or 6fps
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