Small overclock, Fried Northbridge?

So I've being playing around with overclocking my PC. Got a bit of extra horsepower out of my CPU which was great but then attempted a tweak to the northbridge. Problem is now I have what I suspect is a fried northbridge controller.
Here's how the saga unfolded....

Motherboard: GA-MA790FXT-UD5P
Processor: Phenemo II BE720 overclocked to 3.6ghz on 3cores
Memory: G-skill 2x2gb 1333mhz unganged

System has been rock solid for a while running at 3.6ghz (overclocked on multiplier), temps are nice and low with some aftermarket air cooling and a beautiful Gentle Typhoon case fan pumping some serious air out. Core temps sit below 40C at full load and around 32 at idle

Northbridge boosted from 2000 to 2400 --> system fails to boot.
Reset CMOs --> System boots fine
Run Everest --> CPU utilisation yo-yos from 100 to 0% and back constantly
Reset System --> Remove CPU overclock
Run Everest Stability test --> CPU utilisation yo-yos from 100 to 0% and back constantly
Run Everest Stability test --> with no memory or cache stressing, runs fine
Run Farcry2 --> Tearing in game where previously 100% solid (tearing=big drops in FPS and pauses)

My current thinking is I'm going to be shelling out for a new MoBo but I wanted to hear if anyone else has a theory that I can put to the test before I pauper my self.

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  1. Yes! Don't mess with the Northbridge!
  2. Ubrales said:
    Yes! Don't mess with the Northbridge!

    Yes. I can now say that I have formed a strong opinion on the dangers of messing with the north bridge. I would put in the same category as messing with Megatron coming off a crack binge.
  3. You can overclock your north bridge but make sure you know your settings first. Use the forums to find some numbers that pertain to you situation (find someone overclocking the same n/b or motherboard to get a target speed) and slowly start upping your settings in small steps making your way towards your target speed as you go unstable give it a small voltage bump until your stable then move forward again with your speed repeating this procedure until you get to the best clock your board can handle Keeping a very close eye on TEMPS don’t burn it up
    My board defaults to 1800 on the north bridge and it now runs at 3120 (on liquid cooling)
    Make sure caution and be informed first
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