SO......I bought an SSD....a few set up questions

60GB for OS and a few games .......
Already running Win7 on my Raptor HD.......
I have no probs re installing W7 on the SSD but
whats the best way to re configure system to run with existing HD and do I have to delete W7 from the current HD
now that were running W7 on the SSD.......Looking for some how too's if anyone can chime in
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  1. Need more food - opps I mean info - What MB

    For Intel MB less than two Years old.
    There is no problem in creating a dual bootable system with win 7 on SSD and leaving Win 7 intack on the HDD. Just disconnect the Raptor, connect up the SSD and install win 7, when complete reconnect the Raptor. Set Bios to boot order to one used most often. To Boot to the other drive - While in post (power on, or reboot) select the key that allows you to seclect alternate boot device (ie On my Gigabyte it's F12).

    Some other question - in bios, How do you have your Raptor Configured to, Raid or AHCI and did you use the latest Intel RST drivers to install Win 7.
    Reason for this question is that the Newer SSDs that use the SF 12xxx controllers work best if the Intel AHCI driver is used.
  2. I bought this,I knew about the Bios setting to AHCI no biggie,can I delete W7 from my Raptor?
  3. Yes, do as I indicated. After win 7 is loaded on SSD and after your programs are installed use for about a week after you are satisfied every think is great then delete win 7 on the raptor.

    Also after you are satisfied with SSD, use win7 back up to create an Image of your your SSD an put on the Raptor - A great tool if you ever want to redo your SSD as you will not have to reinstall Win 7 and PROGRAMs from scratch.

    Added - Don't forget to use the Intel RST drivers (Version 9.6, or later) and use the "F6" intel ahci driver during install as SF12xx SSDs work best with the iaSTOR driver (vs default msachi driver.) To use the F^ driver you need to do a custom install. On the page that ask where to install, check the box for additional drivers (Lower left side). Broose to the Thumbdrive that you have put the F6 drivers on and select the ahci driver.
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