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I just built a new computer using the AMD Phenom II 955. Let's just say I love the thing, with one problem. The Fan sounds like a jet engine! At first I thought it was my GPU (ATi 4870) but I knew I was just browsing the internet, not GPU intensive stuff right? So I opened her up, stuck my ear up to the CPU fan, and sure enough, it was the culprit. I'm just wondering... Should I get a new cooler? Can I turn the fan speeds down without causing heat damage or what not? Do new fans I buy separately come with the paste pre applied? I did build a computer, but I'm still very much learning. Can anyone give me advice?
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  1. This fan is big but its quiet variable speed and does a fantastic job cooling My Phenom II I run My 720X3 @3.7 Ghz and it Idles around 29C and only gets up to 42C under a full load.
  2. a good aftermarket cooler will cost you around $50+/- but its worth it. lower temps and less noise for sure!
  3. Is Cool'n'Quiet enabled, as that will help when browsing the web. I have the same CPU and the fan is pretty quiet (not as quiet as some aftermarket ones but still pretty good).
  4. Make sure automatic fan control is enabled in BIOS. Also check CPU temperature, HSF might be incorrectly mounted causing CPU to run hot anf forcing fan to high speed.

    If temps are OK and automatic fan control enabled it should be quiet.
  5. Also, many motherboards have a CPU fan speed controller in BIOS that will adjust fan speed as CPU temps rise. As long as the motherboard reads the temp correctly (which they should by now, originally they didn't) this should be a safe way to reduce noise.
  6. Hi, I used my third party heatsink and fan from thermaltake. My AMD 720 was running at 50 Celcius...then I swapped out to the AMD fan that came with it and it runs at 37 celcius. I think it is a good fan that comes with it.
  7. Thanks for all the advice everyone, and sorry for the slow reply. I am ready to spend around $50 if it comes to that, and I was asking this question mainly because I was afraid my CPU was running too hot. Does anyone know any good software to find out the CPU temperature? What would be your suggestions as to what kind of cooler to get?
  8. Enable CnQ, download AMD Overdrive and set your fan speed to something lower. Then go into Catalyst Control Center and Set the fan speed in the override session to 34% or less.
  9. CPUID HWMonitor is a decent program to give you all of the reported temperatures and Voltages for your computer. Try it, and if you have any difficulties/questions let us know.
  10. Well, I tried CPUID, and it says my CPU runs at 40c... That doesn't sound very good to me.
  11. thesupermedium said:
    Well, I tried CPUID, and it says my CPU runs at 40c... That doesn't sound very good to me.

    Normal body temp is 37C. 40C with fever... so, I don't really see why you should worry.
  12. Is that idle temps, or under load? If Idle, i would be a little concerned, but if under load, seems pretty solid.
  13. That's not bad, especially if CnQ is off. Another important factor is your ambient temp. If it is a little warm, your computer will be as well.
  14. Well, I went into the BIOS, and CnQ was on. I'm pretty sure it was idle, I only had iTunes and Safari open... So pretty much it wasn't under load. I'm not a heat freak like some people, but when I play games like ArmA 2 or Empire Total war, the damn thing sounds like a jet engine. I'm just worrying I guess, but if I do get a new one, can you guys point me at some good $50 ranged heatsink/fans?

    Alas, my GPU runs 46c, which is scary, and some people said to get either a Zalman VGA cooler or something of the like. Any thoughts on that? I built this computer about 3 days ago, and it runs wonderfully, but I'm still very willing to spend another $100 to make it (near) perfect.
  15. 46C for a GPU is great. Until I changed the cooler on my ATI 4850, it idled at 60-70C and maxed once over 110C! Afterward, it idled around 40C, as do all of my current cards.
  16. Another note, if you are running XP, you have to turn the power profile to something besides Home/Office and install the CnQ driver to actually get CnQ to work. For Vista, I know it includes the Driver already, but you may (or may not) have to turn the profile to something like balanced to get CnQ to work. if you want to check and see if it is working, you can get (from the same site) CPUID CPU-Z, and if the CPU drops to something like 800-1000MHz, then CnQ is on.
  17. I am running Vista. i'm not worried as much as I am just anxious to upgrade this machine. It's a little bit like my baby, and i'd do many things to further it's overall capability. I haven't even begun to think about overclocking, seeing as it's already steady at 3.2, and 3.2 Ghz is not bad at all. If I do change the cooler, should I overclock it? And I've been looking around the Catalyst control center, and some people say to increase the fan speed on a 4870 to lower it's temps to say, like 30c. anyone know much about that?
  18. I guess you could, but that seriously isn't necessary and you would need something like 100% fan (so very loud) since that is so close to ambient. These chips were designed to run hot (60-80+C) and while I agree I like to keep them cool, 40 idle - 60ish max C is good enough. For example, that card I said hit 110C is now over a year and a half old and still has no problems.

    As for OCing, that's personal preference. I decided 3GHz on my 940 was enough, so instead I lowered to voltage from 1.35V to 1.25V (and turned off CnQ, which you must do if you do this) to save temp, power, and life. If you are asking will it OC, it should OC quite nicely, though every chip varies.
  19. GPU at 46c is awesome. My 4870 512 ran at 52 idle, 82ish under load on warm days, an never hiccuped, over clocked to 790/1050, and fan speed set at 45%. The automatic fan setting is far too aggressive IMO, and yeah, can sound like a jet taking off when under load.
  20. yeah sorry, I misread the scale, it was running at 56. 46 was my CPU. Sorry for the mix up.
  21. Well, even 56 is fine for idle. 46 is a little high for CPU idle.
  22. A lot high for idle, actually. That doesn't leave a lot of headroom for load temps, if the PhII does indeed start to eat itself at 73c+. I was able to drop my CPU temps significantly by turning off the smart CPU fan (which in turn keeps it at 100% fan speed all the time) but leaving the CPU fan fail warning enabled. Sure the fan will die sooner, but decent CPU fans are cheap, anyhow.
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