Phenom II is this a good deal

I Was thinking of building a new phenom II 4890 gaming rig then ran into 1 on ebay and it seems like I can only get the parts about $30 less if I ordered from newegg and this 1 is pre OC'd thoughts Please
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  1. I would go Newegg. Its less risk with everything. If something is damaged on Newegg you have 30 days unless its self inflicted. eBay it all depends on who you are buying from and IF you trust them.

    I'm also about to build PII 4890 but the new ATI 5*** series cards are on their way soon so that is deffinitly a price drop if you decide to wait
  2. ROTFL, Way over priced. Good luck selling it. Nice advertisement, lol. Noob. Funny the sellers name is the same as your forum name. You claim you built PCs for alienware and you use a raidmax PSU, ROTFL
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