Newer Drivers make me... Slower?

This has been an issue for quite a while now; Newer Nvidia Drivers makes my GFX card go slower! I have been using drivers from 2007 for quite some time now and every couple of months will "try out" the new drivers, however every time i do, my ingame FPS significantly drops down to a point that the games are unplayable. From then on i pretty much just have to roll-back my drivers to the previous ones and everything works fine, except for the fact the drivers are once again 2 years old.

Games like Left 4 Dead i can play on max settings at 1280x1024 with 2x AA and i do not have any lag AT ALL. With any of the newer drivers it lags so horribly, even on 800x600 with LOW settings and AA turned OFF, even the sound jumps and it is not playable at all.

My system is:
gigabyte EP45-DS4P
C2D E6600
2GB Corsair TwinX PC6400
512mb 8800GT
And I am running 32x XP SP3

Surely not every Driver release since 2007 is bugged?
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  1. Hey Rishwin, welcome to THG
    I to have had issues when trying to update to the latest Nvidia drivers. The one I've had the best luck with is 177.79 (archived at Nzone)
    Be careful when you try any new drivers, when I tried 180.24 I happened to open up the Evga Precision Tool and seen that the fan was at 0% Popped the sidecase off and sure enough it wasn't spinning at all. Talk about having a heart attack, all I can say is thankfully I didn't run any graphic intensive program or my card would be toast right now!!
  2. When you are installing the new drivers are you completely deleting the old ones?
    Some times Nvidia drivers get messed up if there are any remnants of the old driver.
    I have found that using the prog. driver sweeper to be helpful with that.
    Its free and simple to use.

    Im currently using 181.20 on a 8800GTX with no troubles.

    its odd that your fan went to 0%
    I wonder if it could have been from Precision needing to be reloaded that had an effect.
    I run Precision also but I dont think that I have changed the drivers since I started using it.
    I guess Ill have to remember that if I do upgrade.
    Hmm, I too have an 8800gt which from time to time has had a problem or two with driver upgrades,AND I have found out that defragging ? regularly helps,,see above link for the fastest FREE defragger ? ,,plus keeping your directX up to date helps..
    BTW I very rarely remove older drivers before upgrading as the file names are the same and will get over written by the installer,AND sometimes when nothing else works I simply reinstall XP right over everything..
    If you heve ever had a hard or soft system reset and find "found" directorie or chkdsk.XXX,, files on your hdd's then you have files that are either missing or incomplete this can and will contribute to any number of problems..:)
  4. Forgot::: AFTER installing UPDATED video drivers,DO make sure that you defrag your c:/ drive,the new files have the same name as the old and will replace same ,,but,,some may be smaller or bigger that their replacements and thus some will not be contiguous this will surely impact upon video performance..:)
  5. I'm running 8800GT@s in SLI on the 186.08 Beta drivers but have had no slowdown issues with this or any earlier drivers right back to I can't even remember when it was so long ago, I'm sensing a PEBKAC issue here.
  6. @Pat, even when I tried using Riva 2.20 the fan profile was greyed out.
    That's why I suggest any time one updates to a new driver that you monitor the specs before doing anything graphics intensive, just to aviod any serious problems.
  7. @unclefester I totally agree.
    I didnt realize that the fan speed was greyed out though.
    Maybe Ill have to try to get some new drivers and see what happens.
  8. I've had all kinds of fun with different drivers, the fan thing, stuttering (dropping frames), performance lose in bench test (almost 6000 pionts with one), and 30% lose of frame rates in game play with Another.
    So thee ol' adage holds true "every computers different and what works well for one may not work well with another, even with the exact same components"
    Just part of the fun of being an enthusiast!!!
  9. Nvidia does it all the time. Marketing. They want you to work your butt off trying every driver package they have ever released to get the best performance. Show em who's boss and buy a better card.
  10. nVidia drivers seem to lower the performance and stability in slightly older games anymore, it shouldn't take 2 8800 GTS 512mb to max Oblivion @ 1920x1200 without AA! A few months ago that system could have everything on max, including AA, and be a constant 60 FPS dream. That said, ATI drivers suck just as bad too so don't start thinking one is better than the other.
  11. Are you disabling your anti-virus pgm when you install the new drivers as per Nvidia's recommendation? It made a world of difference for me. I couldn't get any driver past the 17x.xx seies to be stable with my 8800 GTS cards. I disabled my anti-virus pgm and installed the drivers, and the problems went away. I can now use any of the newest drivers without problems...
  12. It's the same old adage, all software/hard reacts differently with every computer and each 1 seems to have it's own personality or quark. That being said, alittle fine tuning and patience can go along way.
  13. To Oblivion the Aurora engine isn't an outdated POS, the engine sucks which makes the games on it suck too though!
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