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I'm building a new system and was interested in doing a raid-0 setup. What are some of the better drives to do this with SSD wise? I was looking at doing just 2x 40gb(or around there) and just putting the OS and games on there(world of warcraft, SC2 etc.) I have 3TB external storage for downloaded material.

I was looking at the following:
intel X-25V

OCZ Vertex 2

thoughts? Thanks!
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    Recommend skipping Raid 0 and just buying a 80 gig drive and using nonraid.

    (1) With Raid0 you lose trim
    (2) Vertex-2 (w/SF controller) works best with Intel ahci driver (not available when SSD is a member drive of a raid setup).
    (3) Raid0 improves sequencial read/writes, but Does very little to improve 4K random read/writes and access time. Thereforefore does little to improve boot time and program loads. Raid0 will help considerably for working with large sequencial files such as .VOB (DVD movie files - 1 Gig in size, Blu-ray movie files - up to 40 gigs in size, and large spread system files - NOT normally placed on a small SSD.

    Drawbacks out weigh advantages.
  2. what exactly is TRIM?

    OK so I'm looking at a couple 120GB and I'm looking at 2 Vertex 120gb, is either one any better than the other? (2.5")

    and (3.5")

    is the size of the SSD the only real difference?
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