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the other day i went and picked up prototype for the pc but it ran like *** i never had an hard time playing games so maybe my cpu wasn't good enough my old specs are amd x2 4800+ @2.5 3gb ddr2 pc6400 and evga 9800gt now i just installed the game on myh new system and it still runs like *** new specs are

Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 7850 Black Edition Boxed
ocz Titanium XTC 4GB PC-6400 DDR2
Gigabyte GA-MA780G-UD3H
evga 9800gtx+ superclcoked

vista home 32bit

why dose the game run like crap :pfff:
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  1. I have EXACTLY the same problem with Prototype, it was lagging a little so i decided to put on the latest drivers which made it unplayable... I can revert back to the old 2007 drivers which will work fine, but it will still lag. No idea why it lags in the first place though, i've seen it played on max settings on lower specs than mine.
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