How is this configuration for under $600?

$180 Processor - Q9400
$95 Memory - DDR3 6 GB -
$115 Motherboard - Intel DP45SG
$70 WD - 500gb 7200rpm 32mb cache - WD5001AALS
$80 SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 HD103UJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drive - OEM
$30 Coolmax M-500B 500 Watt ATX 12V Power Supply
$55 MSI N95GT-MD512-OC GeForce 9500 GT 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16
$40 Cooler Master Elite 332 ATX Mid Tower Case
Total = ~$600

Please suggest me if this looks good or if I need to reconfigure it.. Also, am I getting good deals, or can I get any better prices on any of them?

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  1. Why are you getting 6GB of RAM? Are you planning to use a 64-bit OS? Also, consider another motherboard, just not Intel. Maybe the Asus P5NE would be better.
  2. I don't think Intel motherboards overclock :(. And I don't think that the Q9400 can run tri channel DDR3 RAM. Only the Core i7. Correct me if I'm wrong guys ;)
  3. ^ Yes you are right about the Intel mobos and the RAM...

    Though that intel board has DDR3, intel CPUs will not take advantage of those DDR3 speed except i7...

    And bonstubon, what will you be using the PC for ?
  4. Change the Mobo to this...

    RAM to this...

    And invest in a good case and power supply...
    It is a 380W PSU but is far better than that Coolmax 500W and is 80+ certified...
    Or there is a 430W PSU, which would be about $10 or $15 more and can handle GTS 250 or 4850 easy...
    But if the PC is not for gaming, then the 380W is more than suffice and is the best option...
  5. Wow, I was defintely underestimating this forum; foa, thanks a lot!

    ddr3 & q9400 - agreed, but can i get a 6gb + Corei7 + any normal MB under 600?

    Also, I am not into overclocking, and i will not use the system for gaming, I run multiple jobs.. and I was initially interested in a larger number of cores and hence, i built everything around the q9400..

    combo deal is awesome, thanks bro!

    So my new Config:

    $100 Antec 300 + Antec EA430 PSU
    $80 SAMSUNG HD103UJ 1TB 7200RPM 32MBCache
    $55 MSI N95GT-MD512-OC GeForce 9500 GT 512MB

    Now, I have less than $400 .. and I need processor+mb+memory, I have two options:

    1 - please suggest if i can get a core i7 based system.. or i thinking im asking too much.. :(

    2- i go with - Q9400 + INTEL or ASUS + 4GB DDR2 (Titanium XTC Edition)

    Thanks again!
  6. Well yes you can get i7 + Mobo + 6GB under $600...

    CPU + RAM


    Total - $553
    And has $30 in rebates...
  7. core i7 needs over $600 just for the mobo, CPU and ram.

    also Q9400's aren't worth it, save your cash and go with a 940 BE and a motherboard with a 780G chipset then run off of integrated graphics. It will be more powerful CPU wise because the 940 has a higher clock and handles cache better.
  8. ^ Well no he doesnt...
    Just had posted the options...
  9. - please suggest if i can get a core i7 based system.. or i thinking im asking too much..

    Just realized that it's impossible. So, I'll go with

    1- Q9400
    2- 4 GB DDR2 (How about 6GB, i run jvms, so it might help with heapspace allocations)
    3- Motherboard:

    Please help me finalize, thanks again.
  10. @Helloworld_98

    Honestly speaking, I ignored amds altogether :) i think i need to read more while not hastening..
    supports what you stated..
  11. Well it would increase your budget...
    If you are willing to spend then here goes...

    CPU + RAM + Mobo - Given
    HDD - Same $80 samsung
    CASE + PSU - same Antec 300 + Antec 430W
    GPU - Same
    DVD - $25

    Total - $813

    But first see if it is worth spending the extra cash on i7 over an Q9400...
    Certainly i7 is powerful but has some price premium too...
    So choose wisely...
  12. bonstubon said:

    Honestly speaking, I ignored amds altogether :) i think i need to read more while not hastening..
    supports what you stated..

    Even I was about to go with Helloworld's suggestion but many people are stuck with intel and are not willing to try...
    The X4 940 is certainly a viable option and as Helloworld pointed out the AMD mobo comes with good onboard graphics, hence you wont need the 9500GT at all...
  13. or if he still wanted the 'quad core' and close to as good graphics he could get the atom 330 ION based zotac motherboard, it would save him a few to spend on extra's.
  14. The atom 330 is dual core and not quads...
    And you can expect good performance from them apart from using them for browsing and other general activities...
  15. ^ well the atom 330 is a logical quad core because it has hyperthreading.
  16. ^But still isn't good enough for CPU intensive task...
  17. ^ well he hasn't really said anything about what he's doing other than multitasking.
  18. @gkay09 Yes, I liked the builtin graphics idea!

    List of 780g MBs:

    J&W RS780UVD-AM2+
    GIGABYTE GA-MA780GM-S2H rev1.0
    ECS A780GM-A
    Sapphire 780G
    MSI K9A2GM

    Performance Comparison:

    So, finally, I have to decide about:

    AMD Phenom II X4 940 +
    Any of above MBs +
    4/6gb ddr2


    Q9400 +
    intel DP45SQ OR Asus P5Q SE2 P45 +
    4/6gb ddr2

    I wish i get some good prices now, combos may be :D
  19. ^ you forgot you need a gfx card with the P4x based setup's.

    out of those 780G motherboards, pick one out of biostar, asus or gigabyte.
  20. Hi again :) So I decided to go with AMD and following is an almost final config:

    Asus M3A78-T or GA-MA790GP-DS4H (whichever is cheaper, or if i can find some combo; plz guide)

    $190 AMD Phenom 2 X4 940

    $80 SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 HD103UJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache

    $48 OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Titanium 4GB OCZ2T800C44GK

    $98 antec 300 case & antec 430w psu

    Please comment, thanks.
  21. As for the mobo, you an even take a look at the Biostar...They are good mobo and it has 128MB vRAM onboard...And this combo is unbeatable...
    It has good reviews too...

    And get this RAM
    AMD CPU take advantage of the 1066MHz speed...
  22. ^ the combo is awesome, but I don't want to take risks with motherboard :(

    Also, I want to be extra cautious regarding overheating. My room's temp is ~70f-75f and I plan to run this machine continuously for weeks.. i just hate shuting down the system.

    I'll try to push myself for this combo,.. i'll keep things posted :)
  23. The older phenoms had lot of problems...But the newer ones have become far better and efficient and the amount of heat that they dissipate is about the same as other CPUs...If you are still concerned about the heat, then add more fans to the case and apply aftermarket thermal grease to the CPU for better results...If still you feel it is hot, then get an aftermarket cooler...

    If you are planning for overclcok -
  24. Replacing the CPU cooler means adding more to the budget:

    Just read a few stories of x4 940 heating up even without OC, perhaps it still somewhat exists..

    I am wondering, would it do any good if I switch from midATX to ATX?
  25. all those stories about the X4 heat problems, the cause of the problem is either the CPU cooler was not placed properly or incorrect application of the thermal paste...
    I see no where that the problem is because of the CPU itself...
    And you necessarily don't have to buy an aftermarket cooler if you are not gonna overclock...Just take care when you place the heatsink...
    This should help you to avoid mistakes...
  26. Cool understood & thanks a lot..

    Just ordered it all, .. I'll keep this post alive in case i mess up anything while building it.

    Thanks again!
  27. :) Good luck with your build...
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