G31MX-K - Can't find CPU Clock Ratio in BIOS...


In the manual for this mobo in specifically says that the BIOS has a setting for CPU Clock Ratio, it even has a screen shot showing it. However, my BIOS does not have this option... I am currently locked at a 6x ratio.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this setting isn't in my BIOS?

Am I missing something here?

Many thanks

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  1. >>Am I missing something here?

    You're missing telling us your specs, specifically the motherboard.
  2. Hi,

    As per title, motherboard is a Foxconn G31MX-K.

    BIOS version is 773F1P11.
  3. Some BIOS have 2 levels of settings, the basic and advanced. Often only the basic settings are presented and a key combo has to be pressed to get to the more advanced settings. On some older Gigabyte boards, you had to hold Ctrl-F1 to get the advanced settings.

    I suspect there is something similar for Foxconn boards, but maybe someone who uses these boards can help you out.
  4. Ok, thats something new to hit google with at least. Cheers matey :hello:
  5. Ok, I made some progress with this. After disabling two settings in the BIOS: "C1E Function" and "EIST Function" the multiplier has increased to 8x, this has increased the frequency to 2.66Ghz, which is a big improvement over 1.9 to say the least.
    Also, Foxconn support finally got back to me, with the following reply:

    "Dear Dave,
    Thank you for supporting Foxconn products.
    Would you please tell us which BIOS version you are using?
    I have helped check up the 773F1P13 is the latest version with this feature, please update your BIOS to the latest version.
    When power on, please press "Del" key into the Bios setup screen, and find "Fox Central Control Unit" press "enter" key, here you will see "CPU Clock Ratio" and "CPU N/2 Ratio" etc items;
    If update the BIOS version you still can't see this item, it is mostly related to your currenct CPU, since some retailed CPU, intel locked this feauture.
    Any update or query, please feedback to me freely,
    Yours Friendly,
    Foxconn Technical Support"

    Not a great deal of help in all honesty. I already told them my BIOS version (773F1P11) which admittedly is a few months out of date so I will update it tonight, and I already know where the option is *supposed* to be in the BIOS (I also told them I had looked in this location, but it does not appear, anyway...).

    Does what they are saying about the processor ring true? ..i.e. that Intel "Lock" some of them down? Sounds a bit odd to me.. I am using a Q8400, bought less than a week ago, from Novatech. No bundles or anything, just the cpu and HSF.

    Any help greatly appreciated.


  6. First of all, the X6 internal multiplier is part of Intel's SpeedStep, where the CPU automagically reduces its multiplier under periods of low load. Saves a little bit of power and reduces heat. It's controlled by EIST. I turn it off, do my OC settings, and turn it back on. Some leave it off.

    Second, Intel locks the internal multipliers of nearly all their CPU's.
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