CPU cooler that fit a Thermaltake Armor+ MX case

I've been looking into upgrading the cpu cooler for my i7 920 to do some o.c. (something I should have done from the beginning) but I'm getting conflicting information as to what fits into the Thermaltake Armor+ MX case. Thermaltakes website says that a cpu cooler up to 160mm will fit in the case. After looking into some user reviews of cpu coolers, some are saying coolers smaller than 160mm will fit, others say they will not fit without modifications to the 230mm side fan. Any feedback from Armor+ MX owners would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

- I was looking into getting the dark knight s1283 (159mm)
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  1. Be glad to help (I've received enough recently - please see 'not enough psu cables' under general homebuilt)

    I've the Thermaltake Armour + 25cm side fan:

    Although I'm using a LGA 775 - I am currently using an Arctic Cooling Freezer Extreme which is pretty huge, but still have room between the top and the door fan, ask me later and I can tell you how much, but it fits easily.

    Prior to that I made the awful decision to go to pcworld for a cooler, I kno I kno; it's like going to halfords but either way I bought the Akasa Evo 2 920 cpu cooler, this thing is inefficiently tall, silly really but it only just,. in the smallest of fractions touched the sidefan of my case, but not enough that it concerned me; a terrible worrier!!

    So mate, I'd have no problem in buying a Scythe Mugen or Prolimatech Megahelem; if the Akasa cooler fit - anything will just about!! Plus I use OCZ Reaper HPC Ram and neither cooler was anywhere near the heatpipes on them (Asus P5K mobo btw)

    Hope this helps dude, find the dimensions of the Akasa Evo 2 920 and knock of a couple of mil and it should fit - check your case is the same as mine first thou! I don't know what the MX means.
  2. Yours is a mid-tower

    Mine is a super tower, but get this:

    Super Tower Dimensions: 530 x 220 x 560 mm (H*W*D)

    Mid Tower Dimensions: 535 x 240 x 490 mm (H*W*D)

    I'd say your ready to go!!
  3. Thanks deviledeggs for the info, hope you get your PSU issue resolved.
  4. Well, did the dark knight fit? I kind of need to know as well. :whistle:
  5. After some research I decided to go with the Noctua nh-u12p SE 1366 which has a height of 158mm. The beast fits, but barely. The fans for the heat sink almost touch the rim of the 240mm fan. There might be a 1-2 mm gap between them, it's really close. At stock speed (2.66 Ghz) with HT turned on there is a 4-5 C (42 down to 38 C) drop at idle and a 12-14 C drop under load using Prime 95 for 15 min. (78 down to 64 C).

    At 3.8 Ghz the temps at the cores avg. 41 idle & 73 load.
  6. it fits noctua dh 14 in my casing of armor + mx just fine.
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