Replaced HDD with new HDD. Raid 1. "boot disk error"

I built a system for my father in law. He asked for two HDD with a raid 1(mirrored) I set the RAID configuration up and installed WIN7 and everything worked like a charm. The second HDD made a kind of knocking sound and someone suggested he replace it. A new HDD was sent to him and right when he got it he just opened up the computer and replaced the HDD and turned the computer on(which I know you shouldn't do without reconfiguring the RAID)
It booted into WIN7 and froze.

I went over and tried to adjust the BIOS. I set up a new RAID virtual disk with the newly installed HDD and got a "boot disk failure"

I tried just using one HDD...same problem. I tried the original two HDD(the working one and the "knocking sound" one that was working yesterday and same error.

I have tried all three HDD individually and can't get past "Boot disk error"
I find it hard to believe that all 3 HDD are bad after less than a month. I don't know where to go from here. He took it to a friend after I went home "He said, they are all bad, then wiped them clean"
I don't believe they are all bad.
Should I put the original working one in and the newly sent one and try reinstalling Win7?
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  1. Sounds like you will need to set up your RAID array again, but yes.. Put the good one and the new one in and give it a try. All three being bad would be a huge coincidence.
  2. Oh that's another thing I forgot to mention. I went into the BIOS and set up a new RAID array too. (Created a new VD for the new drives) and was still getting the error. I don't know i somehow I made an error to not set it to boot. But your reeasurance that it's unlikely that they ahve all gone bad is going tohave me dive back in tonight. There has to be something simple I am missing.
  3. Thanks for your response
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