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Hello xpertz, i have one USB UDISK 512MB that has problems when i try to store data on it. haw can i fix it, is made in china. any tool, idea or program update for the Fc99 flash drive, rewads for sotution $$$
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  1. USB drives from good manufactures seldom go wrong. The most common reason that drives of this size go wrong is because it is a fake drive. When drives of 512MB were made there were a lot of fake drives produced with only 256MB or less. Fortunately the problem nowadays is a lot less common but you still get drives from China that are fake. To cure this problem you will need to low level format the drive with its manufactures utility. The manufacture of the drive will be different to the one it pretends to be. Your controller probably is i5062-ZD which is the most common controller that fake drives use and you will have to use to reformat it. Visit this web site for more information.
  2. ok. alredy try it formationg at low level but i can not get the program directly form the factory because is unknow, the info is Name: UDISK (USB2.0)

    Logic Driver: G:\

    VID&PID: Vid_8888&Pid_8888
    Speed: high speed

    VendorID: Fc99
    ProductID: UDISK
    Product Revision: 1.00

    Vendor Description: Fc99
    Product Description: UDISK
    Serial Number: 9EDCF2375AC5ACA3

    still the rewards expenging a winner $$$$
  3. I would open up the drive and check on the controller fitted and see how much memory is actually there. I suspect based on the PID you gave that you have a SM3255AC controller (check this) I have been unable to find a formatting utility for this. Looking on the web there are a lot of fakes based on this chip.
  4. Is it worth bothering with this drive as it is only 512MB. You can get much larger drives nowadays for not very much money.
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