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Is there a way to disable overlay system wide? Video players and TV tuner software tends to use it and it prevents me from using Livestream for broadcasting these and taking screenshots. If I attempt to record what I see in my TV tuner's software, all I get is a very dark magenta color all the way through - no picture or anything. This is because of overlay. Is there a way to either disable overlay in my TV tuner's software (the "AVerMedia Hybrid Volar MAX") or, better yet, system wide so that no programs can ever use it? I find overlay more annoying than useful.
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  1. I think overlay is something your video driver and/or software sets up by default so system has no overlay controls other than those set by mfg.., see if you can disable it from your TV tuner software settings.
  2. I've contacted my TV tuner's maker and it's impossible to disable it. Thus, I either have to get another TV tuner, find a program that doesn't have audio-video synchronization problems (pretty much everything I've tried does), or find a way to extract the contents in overlay so I can use them. That is, if I can take a screenshot with PrtScr and I get an actual image instead of the color 16, 0, 16, then that will work just fine. Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder is the last resort, but I can't get it to pick up my TV tuner's audio stream. I get the video just fine, just no audio.
  3. Get a separate program to capture audio like Creative Labs ?
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