H60 /w dual fans vs H70 in FT02

Hey guys,

I'm trying to work out if I can fit a H70 (stocks fans replaced with GT AP-15's) in a FT02.

Will be using Asus P67 Deluxe + i7 2600k.

Main concern is blue heatsink to the left of the socket on the motherboard (if in standard orientation) which may prevent mounting of the H70 rad + 2 120mm fans in a FT02.

Have been considering Thermalright Silver Arrow but I like the look of the H70 as it will suit my blue black colour scheme I'm trying to go for :)
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  1. It will fit anywhere a 120mm fan will fit.

    Going to have thread move to the water cooling forum.
  2. Yeh sorry bout putting it in wrong category, quickly did it on my iPod touch xD

    I'm considering the H60 with dual 120mm GT AP-15s but cannot find any information about it's performance with 2 fans vs the H70.

    Will two fans make much difference on an H60?
  3. No biggie on the wrong category...I try to get them moved as much as possible when I find them.

    Those LCS coolers typically work best with push/pull fans. You are likely going to need something faster than those GT's for these coolers; they run pretty high FPI on those radiators.
  4. I've read everywhere that the Gentle Typhoon 1850RPM AP-15s are a match made in heaven for the H70. I don't necessarily want even better performance as I'll just have a 2600k @4.5ghz 24/7... Maybe 5ghz if I get a lucky chip and can keep the voltage down.

    I'm just mainly trying to reduce the noise levels... H70 stock fans are loud, something that's quieter and produces same temps are the GT AP-15s from a bajillion customer comments atleast xD

    Aesthetics matter to me (FT02B-W... Sexual case needs sexual components) and the H70 has a low profile design, looks great, lighter and has an easy install process.

    Was curious bout the H60 because i liked the look of the square CPU block.

    I just recently found a review (I think legitreviews, cant remember) showing that the 2 H70 fans on the H60 in push pull bring the temps down by 5 degrees from stock, but not enough to beat the H70 itself...
  5. That i5 @5ghz is going to pump out a lot of heat. Don't be surprised if you are running mid-70's C or so at load.
  6. rubix_1011 said:
    That i5 @5ghz is going to pump out a lot of heat. Don't be surprised if you are running mid-70's C or so at load.

    i7 2600k* :)

    I don't mind mid 70c if @5ghz. Preferably <70c at load would be great @4.5ghz.

    In the FT02 there is little airflow obstruction from the bottom AP181 up to the top exhaust where the H70 will sit so hopefully temps won't be too shabby even with H70 as exhaust....
  7. Had a guy on here that was running the Rasa 240 kit on his i7 @5ghz and was seeing low 70's.

    Rasa RS240 > H70.
  8. Like I said; 5ghz would be nice for 24/7 if I can keep the temps down (unlikely but may get a lucky chip) if not will go for the highest stable clock for benchmarking, and around 4.5-4.8ghz for 24/7 useage depending on temps/noise.

    Link to my build list, I'll pay ex VAT and delivery rather than full price so...

  9. I was just giving you a heads-up on what to expect from a k-series i7 at that speed. It isn't going to be pretty...compared to how they've run temp-wise with the older chips.
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