Compare build 1 with 2

First time build, be kind if i have made any mistakes.

I want a build which will last 2-3years until new technology begins to come i.e. ddr4, so would like to go with ddr3
These are musts
Be able to support 16gb ram dnt mind ddr2 or ddr3
Crossfire enabled

The computer will not be overclocked at first. But later it may.
Will be used mainly for hardcore online gaming (Total War: Empire, DOW2, COD4/5) etc.... Video edting(Adobe premier) , photoshop cs4. The usual stuff like web browsing, msn etc...
Build 1 is better than 2 but how much better is it? At the cost difference which is better for value.

Need some help with psu, sound card and cd/dvd buners. At the moment plextor has been the best, I have the px-755a 2+years no problems.

Build 1

intel i7 920 2.66GHz
Cpu cooler (Are there any cheaper ones but still quality)
Noctua NH-U12P SE1366
Cosair(x2 DDR3 3gb)=6gb (dont think i can go any lower)
GFX Card
ATI radeon 1gb HD 4870
Antec 900 (Are there any better cases for around this price)
Hitachi 640gb Sata-ii 16mb 7200rpm Rohs

Total=£851.33+postage around £900

Build 2

GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R (does not support crossfire, X1 PCI x16) Anyone know of one and supports 16gb
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz 'Yorkfield
Cpu Cooler
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro (will this work with the first build)
Cosair DDR2 (x2 2gb)X2=8gb (or may go 2 single 4gb)
X2 £65.14= £130.28
GFX Card
ATI radeon 1gb HD 4870
Antec 900
Hitachi 640gb Sata-ii 16mb 7200rpm

Total=£737.88+postage £780

Build 1 gives crossfire support and a max of 24gb ram, but due to the cost of ddr3 I have only put in 6gb vs the 8gb in the second build. The q9550 has a better package speed (2.83 ghz vs 2.66ghz, doesnt mean its faster). From here the build are the same except the cpu coolers.
I would like to go for the 1st build but there isnt much room to cut costs. The main two items I want to have full spec on is the mobo (so future upgrades can continue) but on the otherside keep cost down.
And I still need add a psu and sound card.

I want the first one but needs to be £800 (any online store, aslong as it ships uk)
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  1. go with the first build but change the HDD to the 500GB seagate .12 that has and order everything from one site to save on postage. Also get a P6T SE not that UD5 and spend the extra for a D0 i7 as they overclock better and output less heat.

    actually, since this is for gaming, go with an amd 720 BE and a 790GX DDR2 motherboard with 4GB of 1066mhz ram. then with the money you saved get a 4870 X2 and maybe drop the case down to an antec 300 if needed. This should support games for a good year and a half then when AMD introduces their 12 core cpu's for desktop. Then upgrade the CPU, mobo and ram to support this and you should be set for another 2 or 3 years excluding having to upgrade the graphics card.
  2. I am a hardcore gamer but without a HD screen and a blu-ray player atm no point of spending that much money on GPU's.

    I think the top one with a few tweaks is what i will go for
  3. For a quad, go with the i7 build.
    At stock, the i7-920 is perhaps 15% faster, clock for clock that the Q9550. But, it also has hyperthreading which gives the appearance of 8 cores. For gaming today, that does not mean much, unless your game is multi core enabled like FSX or supreme commander.
    Overclocking the 920 to 965 speeds(3.3) is trivial, particularly since you have included a very good cooler.

    As far as I know, there are no ddr3 4gb ram modules out, and the 4gb ddr2 modules are very expensive.
    The i7 build lets you go to 12gb with parts that are readily available now. The Q9550 build maxes out at 8gb. More than 6gb seems not to be really necessary, unless you are into heavy multitasking, or have an application that can use lots of ram. I think photoshop CS4 might be one of those.

    Defer the sound card . Onboard HD sound is very good and you could always add one later. I bet you won't.

    For a psu, look at the Corsair 750w unit. It will handle crossfire of two 4870 vga cards.
    Seasonic or PC P&C units are very good also.
    If you forgo multi vga card capability, then a 650w unit will be fine.
    A single GTX295 card will run everything out there well today. By the end of the year, I expect to see another generation of cards that will perform even better and be cheaper than what you see today. At that time you may not be so eager to pay full price for a second 4870.

    For a good cheaper case, look at the Antec 300.

    The cooling is just as good as the 900, and has washable intake filters.
  4. for gaming i7 is not that good with a single card so
    build 2 for gaming
    build 1 for video and cs4
  5. For the usage your describing (upgradeable for 3 years, heavy gaming) Build 2 is less than ideal. I would go with either Build 1, or look at an AM3 AMD build to cut costs. Particularly starting with an X3 leaves plenty of room for upgrading, plus you will already be on the DDR3 train, which should be going full speed by the end of summer.
  6. +1 to B-Unit.
  7. just to let u know.
    Total war doesn't work that great on i7.
    I originally thought that too as I am a hard core total war fan.
    Tests show it only uses 1-2 cores max.
    The other 2 is just idle.
    So you better overclock your i7.
  8. Ok, i have just decided not to go with a gaming rig but at mutlitask build. (but still be able to play games at a good standard.) In the future it needs to be able to change into a gaming rig. Trying to just get the build up then change parts in the future.

    For the usage your describing (upgradeable for 3 years, heavy gaming) Build 2 is less than ideal. I would go with either Build 1,

    Yep have decided build 1 but too much! Need to cut costs. MAX £800

    Overclocking the 920 to 965 speeds(3.3) is trivial, particularly since you have included a very good cooler.

    Right what hardware do i need best to overclock. Keep build cool but what else.

    The Asus P6T SE is about £50 cheaper than the UD5 what about the UD4P

    What is the cheaperst X48/58 mobo with these specs?
    supports i7
    3 PCI X16 slots sli/crossfire
    Upto 24gb ram

    Then ill check the reviews of it.

    Are there any other good cases (apart from antec makes)
    Needs to support above specifications (3 gpu's in the future)

    How about the coolmaster 690 (Is it too small for using 3 gpu's in the future)

    I think i should go with the antec 900 good value, the antec 300 is like the cm 690.
    Need something large enough to fit 3 gpu's in the future dont want to keep changing case.

    Is there a way to install a modified mac on a pc? (dual boot vista and mac) Or is it really complicated
    Is there any point waiting for window 7? Looking to build around mid june
  9. For a mild(3.3) overclock, only a decent cooler is required.

    No X48 mobo's support i7; all X58 boards do.

    To get 24gb of ram support, look for 6 ram slots. When 4gb ram sticks show up, then 24gb will be supported. Some boards, like ASUS may not now show 24gb support, but they will do so with a bios update when 4k ram sticks are available. Chelk the manufacturer web site and it's forums to verify this for any board that you are considering.

    Nvidia wants a license fee to enable sli support, and some boards are cheaper vecause they do not pay it, and therefore only offer crossfire support.(sli is for nvidia cards, crossfire is for ati cards) Check carefully for this if sli is important to you.

    Look carefully at the board layout to see if the requisite number of vga cards will fit. High end cards are double slot units, and they need an empty slot next to them.

    I think I would pick the manufacturer first, basing the decision on how I felt about their quality, and support. Cards that have been out a while will have had the inevitable minor bios fixes already applied. My short list would be ASUS and Gigabyte. Look for features that you need. Hoe many SATA ports do you need? Some will include SAS support.

    If your desire for 3 way sli/crossfire is based on gaming, then you should reconsider. There is very little gain from a third card, and even the possibility of a performance decline. A single GTX295 will be simpler and stronger than many multi card implementations.

    Windows 7 seems to be getting good reviews. I have beel fooling with the release candidate, and my limited testing works well. You could install the free release candidate in june, and plan to do a re-install with the official release when it arrives around october. If a new clean install after a couple of months use, or the possibility of bugs is a problem, then vista home premium 64 will work fine.

    If you are interested in using the vga cards for it's non vga processing power, then many might make sense.

    If a case can fit a single vga card, which can be 10.5" or 11" long, then it can fit many of them.
  10. The max ever i would need to run is 3 HD, 2 would be duplicating (master/slave) just in case anything happens to 1 of the HD's. And is there such thing as a external Hd running of sata?
    At the moment i have a 200gb usb 2-ide external hd and its so slow.
    Usb ports
    1 Ipod
    1 Psp
    1 Camera
    1 Card reader (is there anypoint)
    1 Printer 1
    1 Printer 2

    6 will do

    How much would windows 7 retail at because theres no point me cashing out £200+

    This build will be mainly used for work i.e. word/excel/photoshop cs4/premier and gaming. And then usual stuff browsing/downloading/msn etc....

    Is there such thing as a mobo that can run x16/x16/x16?

    If your desire for 3 way sli/crossfire is based on gaming, then you should reconsider. There is very little gain from a third card, and even the possibility of a performance decline. A single GTX295 will be simpler and stronger than many multi card implementations.

    This is only for future upgrades and things to add in the future trying to get as much bang for the bucks.

    I think the most important thing in this build is how much i can upgrade. more i can upgrade in the future the better. (so i dnt have to change the mobo for at least 3 years), maybe the cpu.

    I think the asus p6t is good.
    What is the difference between the asus p6t deluxe v2 and the p6t and the p6t se?

    Sli and crossfire is important can a mobo support both?
  11. 1) there's esata or external sata hard drives.

    2) well dell said se7en would be more expensive than vista but they didn't say by how much.

    3) the EVGA classified with NF200 has x16x16x16

    4) the P6T SE is a P6T minus SLI support and dual gigabit lan, the P6T deluxe V2 has a different chipset heatsink with a different layout compared to the P6T and P6T SE and loses the SAS support that the P6T deluxe V1 had.
  12. what is dual gigabit lan?
    I use virgin broadband (fibre optics) completely sperate from telephone line.
    So what would dual gigabit do for me?

    P6T deluxe v2 has a different chipset heatsink

    Does this make the board cooler,quiter what are the beneifits of having this?
    Easier overclocking

    what is SAS?

    EVGA is not worth it.
  13. 1) dual gigabit lan allows you to use two 1-gigabit ethernet cables in tandem for a total of 2 gigabits of bandwidth. So if two PC's are connected to a network bridge and both use dual gigabit lan then if you transfer a file from one of the PC's to the other quicker than single gigabit lan providing the HDD's is fast enough.

    2) I think it just keeps the chipsets cooler.

    3) Serial Attached SCSI.

    4) to some people the EVGA classified is worth it, you get more room to work with since it's an e-atx motherboard and you get 48 usable PCIe lanes with 4 PCIe slots.
  14. Ok

    This is what im going with

    Asus p6t deluxe v2


    Cpu cooler
    Noctua NH-U12P SE1366


    Antec 900

    Ati HD 4870 1gb

    HD (are velociraptors amy good)
    PSU (cosair 650W or should i go higher?)
    RAM ( Cosair/kingston)

    When installing vista, how much do i need to partion the HD, i think around 15gb.

    How do i partion the HD without an os. Dos/bios
  15. 1) VRaptor's aren't that much faster than a 1TB drive so get a WDC black, Samsung F1 or Seagate .12 1TB drive, it will save you a lot of money with little performance loss.

    2) look at the Coolermaster Silent Pro 700w, it's a bit more than the corsair but it's modular and has an 840w peak so definitely worth it.
  16. Any help on the partion q?
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