Overclock e7500 Asrock g41-vs2?

Hey guys, so iv had an old pc sitting in my room for a while and works great and all but i was trying to overclock it today but got a few issues.

Firstly i bumped the fsb from 267 to 292 and left the multiplier at 11 and got ~3.2ghz, I was trying to push it to 3.4-3.5 but it wont start up. I also cannot increase the vcore as its greyed out by the motherboard, I dont think i can change this. (I can change like NB voltage and Ram voltage but not vcore)

I have 2gb of ddr2 800 ram but i cant remember what i set it to, it only gave to two other options other then auto ( they would change based on what i set the fsb to)

Any idea how i could get it to 3.4-3.5? I am sure its due to the mobo as its not the best around.
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  1. You are going to be limited to how far you can push the chip with stock voltage.
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