Please opine on my target + temps

Hi, just trying out some modest overclocking on my cpu i5 760.

oc'ed it to 3.08 ghz. up from 2.8

it idles at about 39c and i'm running prime95 torture test at about 58c

my cooler is the CM hyper 212 and i have 5 case fans in my haf 912.

blck is @ 170 with multiplier 18... and i think the cpu voltage is at .85 and IMC at 1.15

i've been learning but still big noob at oC'ing.

thoughts please
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  1. What's your question? If it's can you get more out of it...sure...bump the multiplier to 20 and see how it goes. You'll probably want to do some reading first before you delve too deeply with modifying voltages and such. You have sufficient cooling to go further if you choose. 3.08 is hardly stressing it.
  2. i don't see which approach to take. do i bump the blck up 10 or 20 pts and try it, or do i bump the multiplier up 1 or 2... what's the diff?

    If it doesn't work it means i have to raise the voltage until its stable right?

    i assume prime95 will register errors if its not a good match? so far i've had no errors while torture testing, but yes it's a small overclock so far
  3. The multiplier is just that, it multiplies the baseclock. So if your baseclock is 100 and your multiplier is 10, you'd be at 1000 mhz. If your multiplier is 20 you're at 2000 mhz. I'd raise your multiplier to 20, but that's just me... typically easier to overclock off of the multiplier than raising baseclock. Linx and prime95 will USUALLY reveal instability, but not ALWAYS. If it's stable in prime95 and linx it's typically going to be a stable system.

    There's several voltages you need to take note of and optimize depending on what you're doing (pll, vcore, etc.). If you're raising baseclock you also need to take consideration in regards to your memory multiplier and the type of memory you have. Tom's has done a decent article in the past on overclocking an i5. I'd read that :)
  4. progress -

    up to 3.25 with 61c at full load in prime95. this is a good temp from what i understand

    cpu volt 1.26
  5. Ok now i'm uncertain again.

    this latest push i was at 3.25 or 3.3 and running stable with no errors in prime95s toture test for a few hours...everything seems perfectly fine but when i tried to run Crysis2 it crashes to desktop.

    anyone have any ideas on how to test/ work this out?
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