Need a matching dvd writer

I currently have an Antec 902 case.

My 5.25" drive set up is:
1 Asus Bluray PLAYER
1 Ibox
and 1 random DVD writer.

The problem is the random DVD writer is not shiny black like the other 2, and it actually looks ridiculous.

I would like a DVD writer that is a shiny black so that it goes well with the other two, but I need at least 1 drive that can write, so if I replace the ugly DVD writer, I'd need to do it with another drive that can write.

The problem is that I'd like one that doesn't look silly sitting next to the Asus one either, so I'd like them to at least look as similar as possible, but I couldn't find one.

This is merely a cosmetic problem, but still a problem none the less :). Can anyone help me out? I'm not having much luck here finding a drive that can write and would look good with the Ibox and bluray player.
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  1. Emerald said:

    That one is roughly the same color as the one that I'm replacing :/. It doesn't look bad on the site, but when combined with the bluray player and ibox, it just looks out of place
  2. I have an LG optical (GH22) that matches my Antec 900 cases pretty closely.
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