What cooling and PSU needed for GTX 285 Tri SLI setup?

I am putting together a GTX 285 Tri SLI setup with intel core i7 920

Was thinking of getting a 1000 W PSU.

Just wanted to know if it will be enough.

Also, do I need to add watercooling ?? I DO NOT plan to overclock.

What case should I get ? along with which fans ?? Do i need to replace the stock fan over the CPU ?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. 1000W PSU can handle it (especially Corsairs, I've seen tri-sli GTX 260's and GTX 280s so it should be fine). Water cooling? not necessary. If you can, add a nice side panel case fan, 2 back ones (120mm at least), at least 1 front one (120mm) and a top one (120mm). That should push a lot of air, keeping those cards cool, and allowing for some OC headroom. What mobo, be nice to know how much space you have.

    Best cases for Tri-SLI setup:
    Antec 1200


    Cooler Master HAF


    XClio Black Hawk<-- Big Fu**ing fans lol.


    Also, if you have loads to spend my favorite case that I can't afford:

    Looks amazing, and has great airflow.

    Also, if you like Lian Li-
  2. Go with the Antec 1200, if you can. That's definitely the best price/performance ratio.
  3. I think the 1200 and haf932 are pretty close to each other in terms of cooling.With the HAF being $20 cheaper I'd say to go with it. I own an HAF and the 230mm fan on the side blows a good bit of air at my gpus. I would think tri sli would be fine in it.
  4. Thanks a lot for your help. Good to know from someone experience before I go about building the rig.

    I think Ill go for the following motherboard :
    ASUS P6T LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard

    Also, I need a wireless networking card, should I go for a PCI one or a USB one ?? Poeple have told me that I might not have space left for the PCI one.
  5. That motherboard is not a good choice for tri sli. The third slot runs at x4.
    This motherboards close to the same price and its third pcie slot is x8:
    Having three gpus will cover all of the pci slots so if you need a wireless networking card you'll have to use a usb one.
  6. If you're not Canadien (I don't know if you mentioned or not), try this. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813188046
    It has *enough* of room between GPU's and has 16/16/8x SLI which is great. USB wireless networking card. Even if you did have space (you don't btw) it would just cause more heating issues. :(
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