hi all...just a bit confused now
which adapter should i use to connect my GC to my pc lcd screen Acer H233H. Either (HDMI and DVI) or (HDMI and VGA) or (DVI and VGA).
i want for better resolution...thanks
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  1. You only need one, my preferred method is with the dvi cable. If you are using a HD tv you can use the HDMI but you will need to hook up the internal audio in the computer. That is if the card you purchased is audio enabled.

    Either way VGA is the lowest you can go for that connection

  2. okie then...so now i'll go for Dvi and Vga connection

    thanks Irish...
  3. For moniters, I simply use DVI, unless my moniter has speakers, where HDMI (which can carry audio as well) would be the better choice.

    The video signal between HDMI and DVI is exactly the same.
  4. cheer86 said:
    okie then...so now i'll go for Dvi and Vga connection

    thanks Irish...

    Wait, why are you using both, you only need 1, The Dvi.

    Are you hooking up 2 montiors?
  5. @gamerk

    umm my Lcd screen got speaker...so should i used HDMi?


    not for dual monitors
    coz at my Gpu got dual link DVI support..and my Lcd got Dvi,HDMI and Vga support.
  6. ...Makes a bit more sense now

    Dual-link DVI does NOT mean you need to plug both DVI sockets into the moniter; that seems to be the cause for confusion.

    As for your moniter: If you want (and have supported hardware), you can connect your GPU to your moniter using a DVI -> HDMI converter, and you can transmit your audio to your speakers on your moniter over the connection. Otherwise, a standard DVI connection will be fine.
  7. "DVI-I" stands for "DVI-Integrated" and supports both digital and analog transfers, so it works with both digital and analog Visual Display Units. "DVI-D" stands for "DVI-Digital" and supports digital transfers only.
  8. Both of which are diffrent from Dual DVI:

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