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Hi I recently moved home and since I set my pc up again I've been plagued with a few problems :( Firstly, for a long while I wasn't even getting a signal through to my monitor, I tried two different leads and two different monitors without getting a signal. I think I managed to correct this by removing the motherboard battery but I still get this problem from time to time :( Since I've gotten the machine back on I restored the previous overclock settings (e8200 clocked at 3.2ghz using 1.31 volts) but the temps under load are 30 degrees higher than they were previously. I'm also getting worse performance based on the custom pc benchmarks by more than 5 percent. Basically I don't understand where the problems getting a signal to the monitor have come from and obviously I'm upset about the temperatures, I'd really appreciate any advice on the matter that doesn't involve removing the cpu hsf as it's and absolute pain to get back on in my case :kaola: :( I have very limited knowledge on these matters so any tips at all would be very gratefully received :)
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  1. It sounds like you moved the computer from point a to b. If this is the case. then a possible cause is that the pc took a hit. Do not know if your gpu is card or integrated. If it is a card, follow all safety procedures and re-seat it.

    The heat sounds like your cpu heatsink shifted or is possibly is loose. Check for proper fan operation as well. If you need to re-seat it, think about an aftermarket cooler.

    You can also re-seat the mem. Again follow all safety procedures.

    If the pc worked fine then failed after setting up, then something happened along the way. A very outside chance is static discharge to the pc as it was not properly grounded while moving.

    Also re-check all plugs for proper connection in case they were jarred loose.
  2. Hi looks to me like your pc got a hit otherwise what you could do is to re install your graphic card and to reinstall your cpu cooler may i ask what cooler are you using


    Hope i could help
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