Run a couple of case fans off the cpu connector?

hi...I've just realized that the budget asus mobo i've ordered does not have any case fan plugs.would it be ok to run a couple of case fans in tandem with the cpu fan using a splitter all running from the cpu fan plug?...thanks
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  1. Thanks anyway..... problem solved Ive ordered a better mobo with case fan plugs ...and will send the basic asus mobo back or keep it as a spare
  2. if you have splitter, then in the future, buy on ebay or somewhere an adaptor from molex to say 4x3pin, i use it, two are 5v and 2 12v, its quite usefull.
  3. dont mess with the cpu fan. u can use molex connectors from psu directly. or get one of those cheap&handy analog fan contoler.
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