Hard drive light keeps blinking...

Title pretty much explains it all. My hard drive light continuously blinks exactly once every second, even when the computer is left idle for hours...

As far as I know, nothing is accessing my hard drive and it does not appear to affect my performance but I could be wrong.

I've tried disabling all non-essential processes and services as well as a complete system reformat. It's happening in safe mode and from what I remember, during the initial Windows setup procedure but I'm not 100% sure on that.

One interesting thing to note, on very rare occasions, the light will stop flashing. After that, it only flashes when accessing the hard drive, the way it was intended. This happened maybe 2-3 times last year. Upon restarting my computer, the hard drive light goes right back to flashing once per second.

This has been happening since day one when I first bought this computer and I have opened forum topics about it before but with no luck. A year later, I thought I might try again.

Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening and/or how I can stop my hard drive light from blinking continuously (aside from unplugging the power to the light). My deepest gratitude goes out to the person who can solve this for me cause honestly, it's annoying and it makes monitoring hard drive activity difficult. Not really expecting a fix though, google search results have left me with nothing but dead ends and no responses.
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  1. It could be several things. It could be your antivirus program running real-time scans. It could also be the indexing service indexing the drive. Try turning off the indexing service. You didn't list your specs. If you don't have a lot of ram, the OS may just be caching programs or data.
  2. My new build is doing the same thing. HD active light blinks about 1 per second. I do have two DVD drives installed and old hard drive. It has been several months now and the light blinks constantly without any computer activity at all. It is a new build with i7 2600k. Other comment about "its the dvd drive issue" sounds promising but I don't know what the dvd drive issue is. Please inform me if you can.

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