Computer not responding

Having some trouble with my 3 year old Dell.

I came home from work today to find that my computer wasn't responding. It was running but there's no video output or response from the power button. I unplugged it an let it it for a few minutes. When i plug the power cable back in the video card fan runs, and the lights turn on but it shouldn't turn on unless i hit the power switch on the front of the computer. Not sure what part of my computer died but I get the impression something did. I tried swapping the video cards but to no avail.


Computer is an XPS 410

4gb G.skill 800mhz
OEM hard drive
Asus 4850
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  1. Also, hitting the power button does nothing. The only thing running is the video card fan from what I can tell.
  2. Anyone?
  3. No power-on self-test (POST)?

    Power supply is the first thing to come to mind, without phycially inspecting the computer. Usually this is checked with a PSU meter or altenatively substitute a working PSU into the system and run.

    If the PSU is ok (I doubt it, from what you say) or you have a good PSU to substitute, start with the basics:

    Turn computer off at the PSU.
    Disconnect all drives from power and data cables.
    If you have on-board VGA and a video card, remove the video card as well.
    Remove all ram modules and then replace one.

    Now you should have only cpu, cooler, ram and motherboard with a working PSU. Plug back in a attempt to turn on.

    See what you get.

    If nothing now, remove the ram module and try another.

    Still nothing, then you're down to the cpu and motherboard.
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