2Wire Router/Modem and 24 port switch?

I have a ATT DSL 2Wire Router/Modem and I have prewired my new home back to a structured media cabinet that houses the DSL router/modem.

I would like to hook up all the ports throughout the home, appx 20, do I just hook up a Linksys 24 port switch such as the one listed below to the output side of the DSL Router/Modem? Will I need to change any of the settings on the router?


Thanks, Eric
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  1. This depends on the ATT DSL 2Wire Router/Modem's features.
    You did not mention a model number for the Router/Modem.
  2. Looks like it's a 2700HG, in which case it will work fine when connected to a LAN switch.
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