My Toshiba Satellite L305D Continuously Beeping

When I turn my turn on my Toshiba Satellite L305D, it continuously beeps. If I press F2 or F12 before it starts to beep with a blank screen, I can get into BIOS setup screen or boot device selection screen. But it doesn't boot from the hard disk, cd rom, or any usb device. I have tried pulling out 1 memory module at a time. I have tried disabling the built-in keyboard and touchpad and use external keyboard instead. No luck. It's not under warranty. I really don't want to pay for a replacement motherboard. A cheaper solution from someone will be highly appreciated. What do you think about changing the BIOS for less than 20 bucks? Mucho mucho thanks in advance.
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  1. Non-stop beeps usually come from a faulty keyboard, a faulty mouse or a bad RAM stick.

    Disabling the keyboard and mouse may not mean that the motherboard will still try to get them to work. Have you pulled the cables for both the keyboard and mouse and THEN turned it on?
  2. I tried different RAM sticks taken from a working system.

    I disconnected the mouse and keyboard by pulling out the ribbon cables from the motherboard.

    At this time, I have decided to buy and install a BIOS chip for the system from several vendors I know.

    Anybody knows if this might solve the problem?
  3. My Toshiba Satellite M305D had 2 - 2Gb Memory Modules. 1 was faulty. Removal of the bad module instantly fixed the problem. Boots perfectly now. No problems. Try each of the memory module in the first memory slot to identify a possible bad memory module. Goog luck.
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