[Gigabyte] Adaptec 5405 compatible w/ P35-DS3P?


I have a (yes) 3.5 years old GB P35-DS3P rev 2.0 MB. The primary PCIE x16 slot has a 8800GT on it. I am thinking of going RAID and been wanting an adaptec 5405, which is a x8 card.

The DS3P has a 2nd x16 (electrical x4) slot left that's said to be crossfire compatible. I am just wondering anyone tried to put an adaptec x8 (or x4) RAID card on it? All the other PCIE slots are vacant as of now.

The rest of the system:
Core2Quad oc'ed to 3.2GHz
4GB DDR2-1066
X25-M G2 SSD 120GB boot WIN7-x64
a couple other SATA harddrives

Many thanks!
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  1. Have not tried that particular combination (my SCSI card is from Atto).
    It should work. The "video" slots are not really reserved for video; any PCI-E card will work in them.

    However: It's an x4 slot. The controller will plug in, but will only have x4 data rate. One of the brilliant points of PCI-E is that you can plug an any-width card into an any-width slot, unless some dimwit designed the slot so that you can't physically plug in a wider card.

    "Up to 256 SATA or SAS drives using SAS expanders " sounds like fun. My RAID is a rackmount 8-drive model with an UltraSCSI connection to the host. I picked that so I could put the noisy darn thing in my attic, and have a cable long enough.
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