Getting heat spike of 68c on amd 965

It only lasts for a second but i have noticed that i am getting a spike of 68c on my 965be revision rb c3. I have been running it at cpu frequency 206 \multiplier 18 \vcore 1.432\getting 3.7ghz \ on the stock heatsink and fan. Prime 95 at 4 hours says 55c max while gaming max is about 52c. I am new to amd and i also dont have a lot of cash so this is all running on an asrock 770de ddr2 board with kingston hyperex 1066 memory. Everything seems to run fine. Could this be a glitch with coretemp. Or maybe a problem with the motherboard? I don't want to burn my new chip and cant afford an aftermarket f\hs till next month. thank you any help would be appreciated.
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  1. probably overvoltage, try 1,400-1,420 and multiplier to x19, you'll get same
  2. I set my bios back to default to see what the vcore default is. Apparently it Is 1.432. according to both cpuz and cpuid. I did what you said and I ended up at 3.9ghz. Maybe i was not clear enough with my question. The temp only spikes for about a second and this is when i minimize while in a game. I am thinking that it is some kind of glitch in core temp, and while it looks like i am spiking it is not really happening. From everything i have read if you go over 62c the cpu will shut down and you will get the blue screen of death. This has never happened to me and my games are running smooth with no lag, as is the rest of whatever i do on my puter. 3.9 seems a little bit high to go on the stock hs\f so i put it back down to 3.7 for now. I think maybe i need another answer to this.
  3. Well heres an update. went back into the bios and and set the vcore to 1.375. apparently this asrock motherboard will overvolt if it says 1.4. 1.4 in the bios overvolts it to 1.432 according to cpuz and cpuid. by setting it back to 1.375 in the bios, it is now running at 1.4 where it should be. Geeze. I set the multilier at 19 and it is now running stable at load (in game for me) at 54c on 1.4on the vcore. It is no longer spiking to 68c. Guess i will save for a better mb. Thank you alot.
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