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Right now im using a Lynksis wirless n pci adapter on my desktop. I have a Belkin wirless N router set up to my comcast modem. Now keep in mind this is the only computer that i have this happen to. When im randomlly surfing the net or a alt tab out of a game to check somthing online ill get times when the web page wont load, now if i go back to my game and let it sit there for awhile it will come back enventually or i can disable and re-enable the wireless connection, but that interferes with my games alot. My question is why will it do this. If say im playing wow it will do this but not drop me from the game , just wont load anything new over the net, but the game will keep playing , its very odd and im thinking about buying a new card. BTW i have full bars where my desktop is.
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  1. Try running a different channel.
  2. Not sure what you mean.
  3. access your router and there you will have many options, one of them will be to change the channel. i would also try to update the routers firmware.

    did you try connecting the computer directly to the modem to see if the problem persists. if you still have issues, then it's either the modem or the signal from comcast. if problem goes away, usually it means the router is at fault.
  4. This is the exact problem I had with my Belkin.

    It's set to automatically select a channel by default. This means when it sees something that *may* interfere with it (another PC/router/DECT phone etc.) it may change channel. In my case, this meant repeatedly being thrown off the network. Log onto it ( either wirelessly or via cable and pick a channel.
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