Whats the difference between 1067mhz and 1333mhz

Im wondering what the difference is between the 2 different mhz and what the mhz means. Im trying to figure out computers and ive been posting questions to find differenct things out. im fairly new and trying to learn the basics
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  1. Quick answer is the speed at what the RAM is running. It normaly 4X the CPU FSB.


    FSB: 266MHz => 1067MHz
    FSB: 333MHz => 1333MHZ

    I will recommand you to do a google search on "memory speed explained" or else.

    Note: The CPU speed is the FSB X Multiplier.

    Example: FSB 266MHz X 10 = 2660MHz or 2.66GHz (my Core2Duo E6600)
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    About 267

    PC2-8500 runs at 1066mhz, data bandwidth is 8500
    PC2-1066 runs at 1333mhz data bandwidth is 10,666
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