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I'm thinking about getting a SSD most likely 16GB so I can install windows 7 on it and drivers, I'll have all my programs including games on my old HDD, I know that works and I've read there are loading time improvements on the programs on the HDD, but that would just be icing on the cake. My real question is, when I install the asme version of windows that I currently have on the new SSD, when I boot from it will it be able to open the programs on the old HDD? or would I have to either install them again or make some registry changes? I'm not familiar at all with registry so I don't know if I could do that if it is too hard.
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  1. Yes, you would need to re-install all your applications.
  2. 16GB is pretty tight even just for Windows - and a lot of the very small SSDs aren't very good in terms of performance. If you can afford it you'd be better off getting a larger SSD - perhaps in the 40 to 64GB range - and installing your applications on it as well (since you'll have to reinstall them anyway).
  3. Just the thought of having to reinstall all my applications and games makes me not want to do it any more :p thanks for the answers.
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