Will a BFG geforce 7800gs AGP work on my pc?

I am about to purchase a BFG geforce 7800 gs AGP slot video card for my sony vaio pcv-rs430g pc. Its 2.8 Ghz with 1.5 gb of ram with a 470 watt power supply that runs on windows xp home edition or service pack 3....and i was wondering if this card would definitely work on my pc!?!?

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  1. it should, your PC has a 8x AGP slot
  2. i don't think the card is worth anything more than $30, but it'll definitely work.
  3. yes but which is the better but....the 7800gs agp card or the 7600 gs agp card....i see more people go with the 7600gs card....what do u think is better for my system!?
  4. The 7800GS is more powerful. Not tons more powerful, but more powerful none the less. If you find a good deal on one, you might as well. (I'd go as high as $50, but thats just me.) This is all assuming of course your a gamer. If you just watch movies and surf, onboard is probably the better choice.
  5. there i sonly one place that still ahs the 7800 gs agp card which is compusa.com...all other vendors like tiger direct and new egg discontinued this product....is it still safe to buy it!? or should i rather go for the safer option and buy the 7600gs from new egg!?
  6. its not that tiger and newegg discontinued the product but rather Nvidia (and their manufactures) discontinued it. Get the 7800GS if its within reason of the 7600GS price. Yes, the 7900GS will work in your PC.
  7. you're going to have a very hard time finding a lot of these cards. most of them haven't been manufactured in years and stocks are very low. honestly, in 2009, there's very little reason to be trying to upgrade an AGP-based system. but really, i think one of ATI's newer agp cards would be amuch better choice.
  8. It's a powerful card for that system. The 7900GS would be faster but there are some driver issues with it, but you don't have alot of choices as far as AGP goes. Of course there are the AGP Radeons, but those have all sorts of, um, character, to say the least :D. Anyway that 470W PSU should be enough so long as it has enough AMPs on it's 12V rail(s). I say at least 17A for a single rail or 14A for dual rails, and that's like the absolute minimum that might work without smoke coming out :D.
  9. Assuming thats the same 7900GS as we would see in PCIe form, its much faster then the 7600GS. Its out of stock however, so the point is moot. Again, get what you can, but without spending to much.
  10. i wouldn't even bother imo, i would just save the money for a new build
  11. would the x1950 pro ATI radeon work on my pc......i have a power supply that puts out 13 amps on dual 12 volt railings which is short of the 30 amps recommended for this card....i was jus wondering if this would be even better buy!?.....otherwise i am going for the 7800gs agp....i have found a few of them....
  12. the GS series never draw a lot of power, your 470w PSU is more then enough for it

    yes, the 1950 pro will work for you
  13. so out of the 7800 gs or the x1950 pro which one would be a better and safer buy for me!?!
  14. The x1950pro is faster, but you can't run it without a PSU upgrade. If you can't afford it, and have a good price on the 7800GS, grab it. If the 7800GS is to expensive, grab the 7600GS.
  15. He has 470w on dual rails with 13 amps each rail...which I know will be more then enough. I ran that card on a single rail PSU with 18 amps.
  16. At best, 13+13=26. The specs call for 30A for the x1900/1950 series. Without know more about his 470W PSU, I can't say for certain how well it will work. I do know if he only has 13A rails, he'll be a bit short on the amps for the x1950.
  17. i will be short on the 30 amps so im jus going to go with the evga 7800gs agp card from amazon.com. Or should i buy the card from compusa as they have it too!?
  18. whomever has the better price
  19. thanks for all ur help!!! te 7800gs is going to be my final choice....that should work with my psu right!?!? jus double checking cos im tired of sending my vid cards back.
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