XFX Radeon 4830 vs XFX Radeon 4850

I was just wondering which one is worth the price. The 4830 has 512mb DDR3. The 4850 has 1gb DDR3. 4830 costs $115 while 4850 costs $130. Which one would be better?
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  1. the only way i can tell you is look at benchmarks and see which game the cards perform better in... but over all i would say get the 4850 since its only 15 dollars more and you get a lot more frames per second
  2. Definitely agree with LATTEH, you would ideally want to look at benchmarks for the types of games you play, but generally speaking it would probably be worth the little extra cash for the 4850
  3. The price is high for both, if you're in the US. Currently, there are many hd4850's on sale for about $85AR or less shipped.
  4. well these are Canadian prices
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