How Do You O.C. DDR2 to 1200 on The ASUS M4N78 PRO?

It says that it has the ability to do such a thing but when I looked it up in the bios it limits itself to 1066 which is the cap for most AMD motherboards... I have a Phenom X4 9600, 3Gb 667 Mhz RAM, Vista Ultimate x64... I plan on upgrading my memory but need to know if I can truly overclock my memory to 1200?
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  1. i wouldn't bother, you wouldn't see a noticeable gain going from DDR2-1066 to DDR2-1200
  2. Also if your ram is really rated at 667 your looking at replacing all of that as it will never get close to 1200mhz.
    As a general rule to reach 1200 you would start with something capable of getting near that.
    For example a set of 1066 ram known to have high overclocking abilities or a set rated that high to begin with.
    Once you set the limit in bios the additional higher speeds are reached by raising the FSB.
    Mindless is right, however the question remains can you see enough of an improvement tossing your 667mhz and buying 1066 chips.
    As you are probobly aware you see alot more performance by raising the cpu clock but you have the chip with the bug to begin with.
    Might be more interesting to find out if the chips you have can handle 800 mhz with relaxed timings and voltage bump.
    You can do damage if you don't know what your doing and it's nicer having a running computer unless your prepared financially to move up.
  3. Hi there. Look I have the asus m4n78 pro motherboard, with OCZ crossfire certifed ram (2gb), they work as said on the box they came in @1066, but I read they do not run at that speed, we have to set that up. I don't mind Over Clocking too much, just at least run them at the manufacture stabliched capable speed.

    How can I do this?
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