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A friend of mine came by with his old pc and its definitely fried. He is retired and tinkers with autocad and other applications. he is not a gamer although he plays a couple games now and again (he is 70 years old),.. Anyhow he has asked if I could find him a system to build for 400-500 price range.. I was looking at the Phenom II X4 920 or Phenom II X3 720 to start with but hoping one of you can suggest the system (doesnt have to be the phenom if there is a better deal).. Keep in mind he isnt a gamer but wants a strong system ( or as possible) for the money... He does need a firewire port and could be an add on card... He also uses an lpt1 port for a wood engraver printer he has but I found an adaptor that would problably fix that to a usb.. Doesnt need an os as he has akready owns xp but he is interested in trying win7 also (dual boot probably)...

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  1. can you post link on the cpu+mobo.. I am not sure which board you are recomending..

  2. ^ Sorry fixed the links...
  3. If he can spare $20 more, then he can get 640GB HDD...
  4. I was just fixing to send off order and noticed no cpu cooler.. Whats recomended?

    Also is the OCZ just as good as the g skill or should i spend the 8 more dollrs.. Just to make sure the psu is enough correct?
  5. Rosewill RCX-Z1 Long life ball bearing for over 45,000/hrs CPU Cooler - Retail

    would that work?
  6. still waiting on response to the cpu cooler/heatsink but another quick question.. Lightscribe looks interesting and wanted to add one but noticed newegg is sold out of most (all i think) of their dvd writers with lightscribe.. Is there anther place to get one or am i overlooking them? Does lightscribe work??
  7. You wont be needing an aftermarket CPU cooler...
    The stock heat sink is suffice for running at normal stock speeds...but you can improve the cooling by applying aftermarket thermal grease...
    And that GSKillz will be faster and better than that OCZ...
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